Zig-Zag Collier


1390 bicones were used to make this simple and elegant necklace. I used 2.5mm bicones, but 3mm would do as well if the tiny ones are just too tiny!

Step-by-step instructions with illustrations showing you everything you need to know to make this lovely collier. Add a simple clasp (so as not to take away from the elegance of the necklace) and this piece can be worn anytime you want to feel great.

I used crystal bicones, but my students have made this piece in emerald, hematite, rose gold, light sapphire, and many other colors, and I haven't seen one yet that I didn't think looked wonderful. Whatever color you might choose, it is sure to look fantastic with all those bicones!

In the purple variation, I added a few crystal drops between the zigs and the zags. A nice alternative if you want to give it a try as well!

The crystal version would be ideal for a bride, if I might say so myself. :-)