Working without a Plan

When I was 15, my family moved from the Midwest to California. My parents bought their house from an elderly woman, who had the wildest garden I had ever seen in my life! Her backyard was full of flowers; every possible square inch was used to grow something colorful and beautiful. Her method? She would buy a new plant or some seeds, walk into the backyard and ask herself "where will this plant be happy?", and then plant it there! Wherever that was.

Her garden was a beautiful mess!

Later, when I started making mosaics, her method came in handy. After spending many years learning good technique, I started making mosaics with the same haphazard abandon with which she had planted her garden.

And today, I finished my first piece of jewelery in which I felt the same almost reckless joy of creating without a plan.

I call this necklace "Running in Circles". Although I say it was without plan, there are defiitely some "rules" that I applied in the creation. That was also the case with my mosaics. Certain elements are created all the same way so that there is continuity in the piece. Other elements are more freeform.

I can see myself in this piece, and I'm very happy with the result. Let that be a lesson to me: let go!




i can't get what i just paid for

hello , I am not great at computer stuff I just bought the ;wave necklace and I am having a big problem getting it from I have gotten your replacement login but it is still not working help
I'm not a robot

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