Passion not Patience

Anybody who makes beadwork - or pretty much any other craft - has certainly been praised for their patience. "Oh, that must take so much patience!" "I would never have the patience for that!" "You must be so patient!" Or some other variation on the theme. Crafters are apparently among the most patient human beings on the planet!

But are we patient? Am I patient?! Anybody who knows me well wouldn't say so! Patience was never my strong point. What I AM is diligent. Curious. Relentless. Passionate!

I love making stuff out of beads. I love the trial and error of figuring out how to make what my mind sees. I love  ... mixing colors ... changing sizes ... adding ... subtracting ... finding the solution.

This has nothing to do with patience and everything to do with love of the process and passion for quality in my craft. I want a quality product, whether or not it appeals to anybody except me.

Who's with me on this? #passionnotpatience !


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